TIVIDALE’s Steven Beech has expressed his disappointment that a potential long-term lucrative sponsorship deal has fallen through after recent negotiations.

Dale have been looking to extend their reach in the commercial market over the past 12 months and Beech says the Submariners will continue working hard following the breakdown in talks with an unnamed party.

“I can confirm that talks have broken down,” said the 28-year-old.

“I’m working extremely hard to bring financial backing to Tividale, as I have made quite clear over the past few months.

“These things happen. When we announced Buildbase as our Principal Sponsor, I made it quite clear that we needed to back that up with further support and that remains the case.

“However, I have always maintained that every decision has to be in the interests of Tividale Football & Social Club, and that’s why this deal will not take place. I want people to trust my judgement and understand.”

Tivi’s head of communications felt it was necessary to make not only football fans, but also social club members aware of the developments in the past 24 hours.

“We don’t work like many clubs at our level, that’s quite clear,” added Beech.

“The social side of the business makes a big impact on our on-field performance and aspirations, and our members deserve to know where we stand from a marketing perspective.

“We are as ‘one’, and we will continue to work to that structure.”

Dale currently lie bottom of the EVO-STIK Northern Premier League, First Division South table and Beech insists that everyone at the club is working hard collectively to retain the Black Country sides’ status.

“On the pitch, we are much, much better than were were six to eight weeks ago.

“We have evolved the squad. The players we have brought in have made a difference but we need to aid those additions. We can’t rest on our laurels.

“Ross (Thorpe) and Phil Male said in the summer that the squad would evolve and they are working extremely hard.

“Alex Fletcher, Malachi Farquharson and Mark Danks are just three who have come in and improved the squad.

“We need to stick together, work hard and the results will come in time.

“Everybody knew it would be tough but we have the quality to move up the table, starting this Saturday at Sheffield.”