“What a coach trip!!!”

Ok so this week we had two journeys away from home, Tuesday evening at Newcastle town and Saturday away at Spalding United, and it is the latter in which we saw some magic.

Unfortunately on the pitch we had feelings of disappointment after another battling performance we left with nothing but the most promising part of the week came during the coach trip home, where all the lads went through the initiation test of having to sing on the mic at the front of the coach.

Obviously fuelled with some Dutch courage there was little persuasion needed from most and I have to say the range of songs was impressive given our young age group.

The quality however was terrible and I have to hold my hand up and say that Hilly (Martin Hill) was by far the worst, closely followed by Ash (Jackson) although we let him off after bagging a goal earlier in the day.

The surprise of the day was Demitri’s grandad, William, who decided he would show us all how it was done with a soulful performance that left some of the committee swooning along with Ross’s lad, Callum, who thrashed out a confident rendition of an Oasis song that he and his dad obviously listen to in the car.

Even Ross and Spiller got up and did their share and I was impressed with Leon’s heart-breaking attempt of Chicago’s ‘if you leave me now’.

Now I know that none of us were signed by Ross and Spiller to sing on a coach and that we need to start getting some points on the board but if Saturdays coach journey can be used as a benchmark in how we deal with setbacks, then I have no concerns at all that we will soon see a change in the results column.