Tividale Football Club will appeal against the club allocations for Steps 5 & 6 of the National League System, and the decision not to promote us.


This appeal is based on the fact that if we had had known at the end of the 2016-17 season (when we were placed in the West Midlands Regional League) that extra promotion places would be considered from Midland Football League Division 1 rather than the WMRL, then we would have obviously challenged that placement and requested to be placed in MFL1. There was nothing to suggest that these two feeder leagues to the MFL Premier would be treated differently.


We are not against the decision to promote Ilkeston FC – we congratulate Ilkeston FC on their promotion. Indeed, we would not accept a promotion place at Ilkeston’s expense, as we have ourselves recent experience of how much upheaval and heartache these appeals can be.  Our belief is that Ilkeston FC have earned their right to be placed into a Step 5 league, but in this case so have Tividale FC.


We also feel that all clubs deserve the right to know the full promotion and relegation criteria before a ball is kicked at the start of the season in order to prevent such vagaries.