This is the first season that Tividale Football Club is launching a monthly prize draw. Supporters and local people have not before been given the opportunity to join together and support the club in this way whilst also been given the chance to win a cash jackpot plus smaller prizes each month.

What will happen to the money?

The money raised by the draw each month will be split 50% – 50%. Half will go to prize money and half will be put aside for to go to the Social Club.

The prizes will be split between at least 3 prizes.

An example would be:

  • 100 entries at £5.
    • Pot total: £500.
    • £250 split between winners & £250 to the Social Club

Example prize fund: 1st Prize £150 2nd Prize £50 3rd Prize £30 4th Prize £20

How will it work?

Each person will have a number and the draw will take place at the beginning of each month in the Tividale Football and Social Club.

The cost of the draw is £5 per month and will need to be paid by standing order.

This will also include the following for the first numbers purchased only:

  • 1 years membership into the Social Club
  • Discounted bar prices

If you wish to buy additional numbers in the draw you may do so at £5 per number per month

Names, numbers and the winners will be published on the website

The Payment will be collected on the 1st of the month by standing order. The draw will be completed on the closest Saturday after the 1st of the month.

How can I join?

A standing order form needs to be completed which is available from the club or from this link Download Standing Order Form Here

Once you have completed the form you can hand in at the club at any time or email to

The first draw will take place at the start of October.

Any queries email Caz on the above email address or phone or text 07787 192273


NB If application into the draw is cancelled then a minimum of 2 months need to be paid for club membership to continue to be valid